The Art Winter Market of Speed Arting

As the festive atmosphere gradually took hold in the cities, the month of December was particularly busy for Speed Arting. Two events punctuated this end of the year: the official launch of the site on December 12 and the five famous days of the Art Winter Market in the bohemian district of Flon in Lausanne. The adventure of “art differently” has undeniably started!

Buying a work of art is both exciting and disturbing. We must first feel this delicate visual attraction that prevents the gaze from sliding further, then savor the emotions that the artist wanted to transmit to finally take over the piece, no longer wanting to take his eyes off it. But alone, the viewer cannot discover the story behind it, the nuances of its creation and the hidden messages. To understand the work, it is undoubtedly necessary to discuss with its creator. The whole principle of Speed Arting is there: bringing the one who loved with the one who created! “The world of contemporary art is currently too elitist, so I would like to democratize it, make it less airtight, so that everyone can discover it and then enjoy it,” explains Nathalie Buck, founder of the concept.


The artists at Flon

Scattered between two rooms in the heart of Lausanne’s Flon, the Winter Market took place from December 12 to 16, 2019. On a total surface of almost 500 square meters, 27 artists from all over Switzerland were able to show their work alongside the artisan-creators invited for the occasion. “My initial idea was to mix these two worlds during a Christmas market to merge styles and languages, while promoting creativity and authenticity,” explains the organizer.

Thus, the heart of the largest room was occupied by the creators’ stands and an artistic installation of heating stones and a petroscope produced by Pia Matthes, while the artworks were arranged along the walls. A small projection room was even planned for the distribution of a film made by a Geneva video artist Nirina Imbach!

In a more classic style, the second gallery, was entirely dedicated to art, with the display of different rooms on the white walls. It is therefore in an atmosphere that is both festive and arty that the public could discover more than 350 artworks, in different styles such as painting, photography, drawing, engraving, sculpture, digital creation, mosaic or even street art. Besides, some artists were on hand to chat with the public and present their works exclusively!

“These types of events also allow artists to meet, exchange and inspire each other. It was very moving to see the birth of beautiful connections between them and with the public. For some, it was also the first time that they exhibited their work in this way and could directly have an exchange with visitors”, concludes Nathalie Buck.



“In my home country, Taiwan, I was a poet and a singer, but arriving in Switzerland in 2017 I had to find another way to express myself. Not mastering French enough to write, I turned to artistic creation, my current universal language. During my professional career in a jewelry store, I began to ask myself questions about clothing I wore every day: tights. Like a shiny pantyhose that never slips off, today’s woman has to be perfect. But the holes are not seen because they do not exist, but because we pretend that these much less glorious moments of failure do not exist in our lives. So I decided to keep my tights torn or washed out to highlight them in my creations, sublimating these moments of frustration and failure in my works of art.”



“In the digital age, our society is no longer used to seeing pixels, directly associated with poor screen quality. The same goes for our brain, which does not want to see the details, completing the image before us. I just want to play on these little elements, creating artworks that, from afar make us think of a photo, while closely reveal their true nature. So, I use multi-colored plastic fusible beads to create the center pieces, which I then slide over a background, usually a monochrome photograph or image. For this pixel art, I take as much inspiration from emblematic paintings, such as Venus by Sandro Botticelli, as from contemporary works.”


Written by Eugénie Rousak
© Speed Arting. Reproduction prohibited, all rights reserved.

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